HUMBGO UV-SUPER SKIN COAT: Ultra Light UPF 100+ Outdoor Coat

Perfect your summer outdoor plans with Humbgo’s stylish, feather-weight, breathable and UV-resistant coat.

happybrush Kids - Our First-Ever Smart Toothbrush For Kids

The smart way to make toothbrushing effective and fun! Made by the startup from the German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (Shark Tank)

YOBO AURORA-All Around Best EDC Knife

“AURORA” meets your day to day, hobby or survival needs.

Tropic - The Ultimate Travel Shoe

Made for exploring everything, from New York City to the Galapagos: Versatile | Quick Drying | High Tech | Anti-Odor.

Sheertex Indestructible Sheer Tights

The world's first pair of indestructible sheers using proprietary Sheertex™ yarn, the strongest stretch yarn in the world. The sexiness and breathability of a pair of sheers, and the strength and comfort of your favorite leggings!

Tennibot: The World’s First Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

Autonomous & intelligent robot saves players and coaches time by eliminating the tedious task of collecting tennis balls!

Stompump Tire Inflator for your Bicycle or any Tire

A compact, stowable foot pump for your bicycle, motorcycle, car or anything that needs to be inflated.

EleCa - Electric Transport Reinvented!

The cheekiest way to get to work, the beach or just a scoot around with friends, in a low-cost EV.

The Northward Jacket - Wear One, Share One

Be a superhero to a kid in need in your community!

iPin Pro - Turn Your Smartphone into a Smart Laser Ruler

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the world’s first smart laser ruler using smartphone to measure the height, width, and length of an object. This is the most convenient and hassle-free way of taking measurements on the go!

Magnet Driver DDN: Total Tool to Drill-Drive-Nail

The ultimate experience for your DIY projects, unexpected repairs and maintenance needs.

Garzini Cavare: The Slim Magic Wallet with Pull-Tab Slots

Handcrafted full grain premium leather magic wallet with innovative elastic pull-tabs and integrated RFID protection.