Up-Ride: The Future of Low Impact Fitness

Turn the bicycle you already own into a stationary low impact running and biking machine.

Lander Carry System

Most versatile adventure packs built with the waterproof Crash Pad to protect and store your tech no matter the circumstance.

SHAPESCALE - The 3D scanning scale that shows you where you have been losing and gaining

ShapeScale scans you in photorealistic 3D to give you a visual overview of your progress. ShapeScale allows you to see the changes that your eyes can't see. It’s not just about the number of steps you take. It’s about getting visible results.

K-25: Bath Towels On Another Level

The Only Smart Towel that understands your needs


At 179 gms, 'Feather' from VERSATYL is the latest must-have! The Jacket comes with a hoodie & fits into its own pouch.

Versatile Hat with Bone Conduction Technology

ZEROi is not your ordinary hat. It uses bone conduction technology and allows you listen to music without earphones.

1971 Automatic, High-end Swiss Made Watch – Limited Edition

Swiss Made Automatic watch collection made by an established and experienced watch brand.

Stifit: Best way to improve your Health & Fitness

Smart tracker to track your right health, exercise, cycling, swimming & fitness goals.

Shader: Portable Shade & Personal Sun Protection

Shader is a compact, portable shade device, made to protect our faces while we enjoy the sun.

Caiman Hat Clips: Free Up Space and Organize Your Hats

An inexpensive and space efficient way to keep your hats organized, using a hanger you already own, so they’ll be ready when you are

ORII - Your Voice Powered Smart Ring

Tick, tock, tick, tock...With only 48 hours left of the Kickstarter campaign, the early bird packages are quickly running out. Head on over and make your pledge now to ensure you'll be receiving an ORII smart ring in February 2018

Fret Zeppelin - Play Guitar in 60 Seconds

State-of-the-art full spectrum LED learning and display system for guitars