Hi-Tech Heels & Flats Feel Like Sneakers Inside

Shoes with hidden technology, customized fit, superior cushion + construction.

HOPii | Your Personal Micro-Brewery

Brew your favorite craft beers with touch of a button and drink at its freshest taste ever!

The World’s Best Passport Holder Wallet with 8 Features

Make travel easier with your Talonport leather passport holder cover. A travel wallet with a unique folding wing and RFID protection.

ZHIFU PORKE: most stylish and minimalist Backpack

The most simple,fashionable,beautiful in the world, leading trend of the personal security Backpack

The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema

A smart projector with high-contrast image quality, a 360° speaker, Android 7, and extended playtime, all in a body no larger than a soda can. Portable entertainment will never be the same again.

Rogue & Rubeus: Streetwear-inspired men's leather goods

Streetwear-inspired men's leather bags. Perfect for streetwear, smart streetwear, or anyway you want to wear it


function driven utility jackets with good quality and designs that make your everyday boring city life easy, comfortable and stylish

Spare Me 8 in 1 Rescue Tool

The ultimate safety tool for EVERY driver! The Spare Me 8 in 1 can take on any road emergency

Illumi Arts: Smart LED Artwork With Unique Features

This modern art piece serves as simple wall décor during the day. But in the evening, the luminous colors come to life.

Rana Series - Camera and Day Bags

Well-made and practical leather bags built for your photography and daily carry.

Freedom Pack | The First Packable Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Water resistant, lightweight and safe - with zips hidden against your back. The ultimate portable travel bag that gives peace of mind.

Kappa - The World's First Straight Line Mechanism 3D Printer

Large Build Volume, Open Source Software, Multi Material Printing, Non-Proprietary Filament, Wireless Printing and more!