The Sqair: The World's most cost-effective purifier

The air purifier for EVERYONE. Forget the marketing hype from big purifier companies, get no-nonsense clean air for under $100 today.

GAMO G+: iOS & Android mobile game keyboard & mouse adaptor

Upgrade your mobile game experience like on PC and face down other players with a massive advantage by using keyboard and mouse

Infuse™: Concentrated Cleaning

Kickstarter’s new eco-friendly cleaning system was designed to reduce single-use plastic containers & provide a non-toxic way to clean.

"Omnia Evo" - the most versatile TRAVEL dress!

15 travel features, 3 pockets, soft, lightweight wrinkle resistant material made from ocean plastic, etc. Buy dress - clean the ocean!

MAXFIT: The World’s First Truly Portable All-In-1 Smart Gym

MAXFIT is a beautifully designed ultra-compact​ total body work out connected fitness machine for people of all fitness levels

CL9 Relaxation Set- World's Largest Stress Ball

Stressed out? It's time to relax. CL9 giant stress ball cushion relieves your stress with superelastic cover and soft filling.

The Waterless Shower®: Shower without showering

The Waterless Shower® is the best eco-friendly, deep-cleansing, soothing, moisturizing and fragranced body wipe for every situation!

The Prism Desktop 3D Printer

A feature packed and easy to use UV Resin 3D Printer for less than $300.


Rewritable notebook. Metal pencil.

C17: All-In-One Charger Cable For Your Phones And Watch

Black & Red Color / Strong nylon weaving design / Charger Cable For Apple watch / iPhone lighting / Android TYPE-C / Android Micro USB

The Voltage Ring

Lightning fractal glow ring blending natural and space-age materials. A collaboration between 3 companies that started on Kickstarter.

Vumblr – The First All-In-One Vacuum Oral Care

A vacuum cleaner in your mouth | NO VIBRATION | Make up for the deficiency of brushing teeth with VACUUM & SCRUBBING technology