MUSGO: revolutionary smart illuminated jacket

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Comfort Touch: Ultra Fast Invisible Heating Scarf

Revolutionary ultra soft, silk-like touch heating scarf, one click and heat up in 20 seconds

Tesmo: Fast Wireless Charger, Power Bank & Planner all-in-1

The Tesmo Universe Book is the world’s most functional yet stylish multi-device charger and planner to simplify your life.


Explore the World in the most versatile shoe ever made. Eco-friendly | 100% wool lined | Anti-odor | Cool in summer | Warm in winter

E1: Charge-free ANC Earbuds for Superior Audio Experience

Battery-free, charge-free Apple MFi lightning earbuds with active noise-cancelling technology offer a perfect sound experience.

Pupbeamo: Whitening Your Teeth in 5 Minutes

A fully natural and simple way of getting the perfect white smile that everyone will be impressed by

NEW CULTURE - A watch against racism

Each number on the watch represents a different ethnic group. And all the numbers together are a symbol of unity.

Dolphin - Waterproof Earbuds With Intuitive Controls

Bring your music into the shower, the hot tub or even the pool with the Dolphin Earbuds. They are a 100% waterproof pair of earbuds with highly intuitive controls for easy management of music when on the go.

ERA Timepieces: Certified Millionaire Watches Under $1000

The World's First Millionaire Timepieces, Finally Made Accessible To Us All

T-Bô - The Most Comfortable Pair Of Men’s Undies

Using a unique fabric blend, T-Bô is twice as soft as cotton, luxurious, comfortable, and the best-fitting underwear you’ll ever own

Ekster® 3.0 - The World's Slimmest Smart Wallet

Ultra-slim trackable wallets with instant card access at the click of a button. Never lose your wallet or phone again.

Kitchen SinkShroom & Ultra TubShroom: No More Clogged Drains

Protect virtually every drain in your home with the most advanced strainers ever created. And tell your plumber to lose your number.