Evapolar 2: Smart Personal Air Conditioner

Cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your local perfect microclimate.

Pico C - Craft Brewing For All

Craft Beer Your Way - Easier, More Affordable, More Fun!

XBAR | FLYT travel-friendly personal fitness system

XBAR | FLYT home gym: The world's most versatile and travel friendly personal workout and fitness training system

CALM. Wearable ECG for sports and sleep analysis

CALM. will monitor the ECG signal from your heart, to help you train safer, and sleep better.

World's 1st smart wallet with USB & solar charge. Slim+RFID.

Slim Italian wallet fusing cutting-edge technology with intelligent circuits, integrated charge cables, and renewable energy.

Reolink Argus: Truly Wire-Free Security Camera

World's First 100% Wire Free Weatherproof 1080p Full HD Security Camera. Place and Move It Anywhere.

The Convenient Minimalist Wallet With RFID Protection

Finally a wallet that is both minimal and convenient! This wallet comes with RFID Protection and Blue Tooth Tracking!

dBud - Volume adjustable earplugs with clear, safe sound

With an adjustable volume slider and acoustic filter, dBud earplugs give you a safer, clearer and more personal listening experience.

Thincase - The Thinnest iPhone Battery Case - Bring the 3.5mm Audio Jack Back

The World’s Thinnest All-In-One iPhone Case: 2X Battery Life, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Kickstand + More


Different from heating pads, Aika Black-T transmits healthy far infrared (FIR) to your uterus. It sends away your menstrual pains, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). It is more than a wear. Keep your lifestyle and treat your womb with a spa.

iPad Pro - ProBack Cover | Charge Your Apple Pencil

A smart case which offers protection for your iPad Pro featuring an integrated dock to conveniently store and charge your Apple Pencil.

PowerUp: The MacBook Charger That Does More

The only all-in-one charger and USB hub for new MacBook and MacBook Pro. Charge. Sync. Grab and go.

B-2 Nano Blade | World's Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife

Best Concealed Carry Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry - Lifetime Warranty - Bomber & Company engineers urban survival & paracord gear.

MELANGE | Remarkable Sheets That Won't Break The Bank

Creating an Incredible Sheet Set with Extraordinary Materials, Minimalist Design, and Functional Features.

Imperium Watches - Affordable High Quality Watches

Minimalist, Moonphase and Chronograph watches with Swiss Movements, Sapphire Crystal and Genuine Leather straps from as low as 60 USD!

Highest quality leather minimalist wallet || RFID safe

Amstaff Wallet S is a cash friendly minimalist wallet made of highest quality Italian leather. Designed to be with you everywhere.

KERUO L7: The Most Portable Smart Projector

Super portable projector with built-in intelligent hardware and battery for low power consumption. Android-based intelligent systems to achieve large screen dimensions when connected to project mobile phone contents.

World's Softest Sustainable Underwear & Loungewear

The ultimate comfortable, breathable, high performance underwear and loungewear made with our natural eucalyptus nanotech fabric.

Handcrafted Dress Shoes Reinvented for the Modern Gentleman

The first bold, comfortable, & affordable handcrafted Italian leather shoe with a buyback option that strengthens communities.

Foxshot - Small Camera, Water-resistant Polychrome 1080P HD

Foxshot, a small water-resistant camera that can be attached to any surface. Polychrome, Wearable, 1080P Magnetic with App Live Video.

GameST Pro - Just Plug and Play, Starting at $79

Stream all your PC's GAMES, Retro Games and Movies on any TV in the room of your choice, just plug and play!!!

T-1000 3D Printer In-Stock - Reinventing 3D!

T-1000 is a High Quality, 3D Printer Built for Reliability, Ready-To-Ship. Self Leveling System, Huge Build Space, and a Print Speed of 2.6” per hour!

StarSailor Live Brings the Skies into your Bedroom

Live Skies! TV Video Audio Ambience Sleep Timer Temp&Humidity Air Quality + Z-Wave IFTTT Open Source

Roofus Revolutionizing Carpentry

A game changing tool for carpenters and other trades. The sooner you order, the quicker you get it.

Dagadam Watch - Now in the top 3% most Successful Kickstarter projects!!!

The world's first round functional curved touch bezel smartwatch with an AI based notification center, compatible with Android and IOS.

Audeara: headphones that deliver perfect sound, always.

The world's first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.

"OmniaDress 2Go" - ultimate convertible dress is back on KS!

20 practical outfits in 1. Elegant, multifunctional dress for everyday use. High-end innovation for active women!

CaptoGlove. Wearable Gaming, VR, PC, & Mobile Controller.

The first wireless wearable controller for PC, mobile and smart devices. Take control with nature’s most perfect interface: your hand!

Vin's Answer - The Male Underwear Equivalent

Underwear made from a natural skin friendly fiber that is incredibly soft and breathable, with the softest waistband on the market.

StarSailor Live Brings the Skies into your Bedroom

Live Skies! TV Video Audio Ambience Sleep Timer Temp&Humidity Air Quality + Z-Wave IFTTT Open Source

NOCABLE:iPhone 7&7Plus Wireless Charging Solution

Never again worry about the dead battery or disturbance of iPhone while driving.

Shaper by NOWA | World's Thinnest Hybrid Watch For Travel

Automatic Time Zone Watches for men and women designed in Paris with activity, sleep tracking and Swiss parts movement.

The Lady and the Tiger - a 1-6 player game for all ages!

A gorgeous 15-minute experience for families and couples, inspired by the classic short story.

ViviStand - Next Generation Sit/Stand Desks

The ViviStand sit/stand desk is versatile, intelligent, and refined. Simply the best sit/stand desk on the market.

Rapid Wallet: Durable - Slim - Fast

Super fast and easy access to your money. This extremely durable, lightweight, minimalist wallet is sure to impress.

Titanium - Placing value in your hands

The combination of titanium and stainless steel forms a knife which is unlike anything else and we offer a complete series.

MATRIX Voice: Open-Source Voice Platform For All

"Voice Recognition" dev board. Designed for the Raspberry Pi or Stand-alone with ESP32 (WiFi/BT/MCU)

BERG - The Ultimate Minimalist Timepiece

Icelandic salmon leather watch straps, Swiss heart, sapphire glass, Norwegian design, interchangeable straps and a 5 year warranty!

Voyage Pillow | The Most Versatile and Compact Travel Pillow

The compact, comfortable and multi-functional travel pillow with built-in band & eye shade. Get the rest you deserve on your next trip.

HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King

A hero-building adventure board game for 1-7 players. Explore the board, complete quests, battle tough foes and power up your heroes!

HiNICE+: The 1st Wearable Gem Necklace & Bluetooth Earphones

HiNICE+ is a unique gem necklace with Bluetooth Earphones. Audiophile Hi-Fi Sound. Various Valuable Gems. 24K Gold Plating. For you.

Pipmen: World Playing Cards

Incredibly Creative Poker Size Playing Cards in the World's First 54-Piece Polyptych Puzzle with Unique Connected Scenes!

Smartillumi - Turn Your Toilet into a Nightlight

The World’s First Smart Motion-Sensitive Nightlight Made Just for Your Toilet

Halfsies Dice - World Tour

"Bringing Gamers Together Two Colors at a Time." - Creating 10 all new Halfsies Dice sets through photography and unity.

Smiti - a toothbrush E.A.S.Y. to save the planet

Join us and we can save the world together


Versatyl travel jacket with 18 pockets & 29 features, is back after 1000+ pre-orders! A quality all-season jacket. Must for every wardrobe!

J&M Denmark NORDIC360 collection - Inspired by Copenhagen

Stunning watches made by premium components for affordable prices with Crystal Sapphire glass and a lifetime warranty - Time is Yours

RES: Non-stop Hi-Res Music while Wireless Charging

RES : The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Hi-Res Music while Wire and Wireless Charging for iPhone 7

ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables with 18K gold plating 

Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever

Alpha - The World's Smallest 4K Action Camera

Alpha is the smallest and most powerful action camera designed to capture your next adventure.

bimoz - world’s lightest and smartest e-bike drive

Easily upgrade any bicycle, less than 2 kg incl. battery, direct drive technology without gears

Ximalaya - The World's First 3D Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Next Generation of Noise Cancelling Headphones with 3D Immersive Sound Technology

Mini K: Truly Wireless Karaoke Microphone Speaker

Karaoke speaker to serve your entertainment needs for smartphones and tablets. Wireless & Portable.

Axum Sports Wireless Earbuds - Signal Never Drops

Life At Max - Maximize Your Workout Instead Of Messing Around With Your Earbuds !


The world's most advanced jacket for SMARTPHONE USER ,for WORKOUT, for TRAVEL with 29 functions

Learn 5 Best Mobile Development Frameworks

Learn 5 Best Mobile Development Frameworks (Ionic, PhoneGap, React Native, JQM and Meteor) By Building Over 25 Projects

Smart Sleeper Travel Pillow: The Clean Pillow

Travel Pillow Redefined: Antimicrobial Liner, Smart Memory Foam, Twin Phone Pockets And A Lot More!

Koach, the 1st anti back pain connected chatbot

Koach : the artificial intelligence connected to a lumbar sensor to unlock your true potential

Vinci - First Smart Headphones with AI

Voice-controlled headphones and personal AI, with smart noise cancelling and immersive 3D sound.

dbell live: Smartest Video Doorbell & Security Cam

dbell HD live video doorbell allows answering the door from Smartphone and monitor from PC & TV

Japanese Traditional Kimono Fabric Meets "HIHAKU GLASS"

"HIHAKU GLASS" seals Japanese traditional KURUME KASURI inside a glass plate. Enjoy the beautiful color and geometric pattern forever!

Playing card

playing card

Fancy - World's Smallest Stabilizer for Smartphone

Capturing clear photos and smooth videos with your smartphone has never been easier.

Mr Shirt | Keep your shirt tucked while staying comfortable

Mr. Shirt keeps that newly tucked look all day. Whether you're in the office or out on the town, stay tucked while staying comfortable.

ChargeWrite - The World's Coolest Pen

This powerbank pen charges iPhones & Androids with a universal smartphone tip, flash memory & more

DiiZiGN: Foldable Adjustable Laptop Stand with Phone Holder

Ergonomically-designed foldable laptop stand with innovative smartphone holder: compatible with Apple Macbook, and other major brands

Merino Tech 2.0: The Minimal and 360 Hoodie

The world's most versatile merino jacket line with 12+ practical features. Weatherproof, breathable, reversible and foldable.

SELFLY Camera: The smart, flying, phone case camera

An autonomous flying phone case camera which is only 9mm (3/8in) thin and easily fits in your pocket.

The smartest dog tracker suitable for every collar

Meet the first dog device designed to monitor and improve your dog's welfare. Receive vet advice and be notified if something's wrong

The World's Most Cushioned Sneakers

Maratown is on a mission to revolutionize comfort by creating super-cushioned shoes, inspired by maximalist running shoe technology.

The Spyder 360™ | Full Body Training Unlike Anything Else

Strengthen your entire body, not just your core or abs! Integrate our Resistance bands & Iron Weights to build a Stronger & Better you.

The VAVA Dash Cam: Capture the Road Ahead

Meet the VAVA Dash Cam - the most versatile car dash camera yet. Do and see more on the road.

Merino Runners - Woolen Comfort Shoes / 13 different colors

WOOLEN LIGHT COMFORT Runners. Made of 100% Merino Wool 3D Stretch, a worldwide unique fabric by GIESSWEIN - Made in AUT, Europe.

Ninja Backpack - 1st with Hidden Expansion Bag and Zipper

Anti-theft waterproof carry all for urban warriors. Hidden zipper and storage throughout. Pull out bag for extra room when needed.

Scollar Mini for Small Dogs and Cats

The smarter collar for every stage of your pet's life.

FOOMEXT | The World’s First Smart Heated Vest

FOOMEXT offers you unconditional and controllable warmth. Its ultra-thin design allows for optimal flexibility.


Measure the carbon footprint of your daily activities & offset it by planning and developing your own forests in just a few clicks

Dojo app and Debit Card

Dojo’s powerful app and secure debit card is smarter, simpler and safer than giving kids cash.

NIFTYX: The Wearable Charging Cable with POWERBANK

World's First Wearable Charging Cable Bracelet. This is your SECOND cable!

NEW NIPER - Charge Your Friends

Never be without phone power ever again - Join the Niper community: we’ve got each other covered!

Apis Boots

Handmade formal footwear is not being offered at reasonable prices. We are here to challenge big business.

SvenskFabriken Adaptable Drone 1.0

It can be used in aerial as well as ground videos/pics, streams live footage to your smartphones.

qBiq – the Internet of Everything Smart Gadget

qBiq is an Internet of Things (IOT) Wi-Fi device that easily connects everyday objects and spaces in your home or office to the web.

EZ Charge Case - Charger in Phone Case

The only smartphone case to provide the user with 28" of cord, a plug, and USB: Charge Anywhere!

ipostureGym. A unique body support plus a unique body gym

This is A one of kind body support: A posture corrector, A body exerciser; A body crutch. All in one and functionally at same time.

Stages HD Audio & Augmented Hearing: Listen Better

Hero headphones & Sidekick tabletop = directional audio control + keyword/voice admittance triggers.

Flunx app - Live matching based on topics and interests

Write > Discover > Chat > Favor // Flunx for Android is online. With your help, we would be able to bring Flunx to the iPhone.

iClip - the World's most ultimate magnetic wire organizer

The system of magnetic clips which prevents wires from tangling. Headphones, Earphones, Charger, USB & Other

BfR Pro - Exercise smarter & get fitter and stronger, faster

The fitness gear that gives you better results lifting fewer kilos. Get ready for the biggest fitness trend of 2017 with BFR training.


Playing cards inspired by the fantasy genre – modern masterpiece. Hand-made by our artist, printed by USPCC

NEOPON : Earring phone with A.I.

NEOPON worn on your earflap to open your ear. Not itchy! Not fall off! You can wear it all day long!

Klipfone: wireless headset clips on your phone

The only headset that stores on your phone, giving instant audio for videos, calls, and handsfree.

Goodsomnia: Stop snore in 30 seconds!

Our mission: To help people with snoring problems worldwide! Every breath matters!

MolecuWars Trading Card Game

Collect and battle to build a massive MolecuRing and destroy your opponent in a strategy game loaded with science facts and learning.

Mono Lamp: A design lamp capturing TV history

Made in Italy and comes with 2 years of warranty. Inspired by TV test cards and childhood memories.

iClip - the World's most ultimate magnetic wire organizer

The system of magnetic clips which prevents wires from tangling. Headphones, Earphones, Charger, USB & Other

BionicGym: PROVEN cardio-training breakthrough!

Wearable neuro-stimulator for INTENSE aerobic workouts or EASY calorie-burn at work/on sofa.

Minimal design watch with exclusively premium components

Luxury watch with elegant design. Premium components including Swiss movement, Sapphire glass and Italian leather strap.

Chambliss Giobbi's ENTROPY Playing Cards

A rare opportunity to collect acclaimed artist Chambliss Giobbi's neo-Cubist playing cards and his original art. Printed by USPC.

Smart Plate TopView: Your Personal Nutritionist

The world’s first Intelligent Nutrition Platform that instantly analyzes everything you eat.

iLuun: The Wireless Storage Drive For Smartphones

iLuun Allows You To Wirelessly Store, Share, & Stream Data Between Smartphones, Tablets, & Computers


The world's most advanced jacket with 29 functions! for SMARTPHONE USER ,for WORKOUT, for TRAVEL /Bluetooth Charging Wearable Apparel

G-Tech Apparel: World's Most Efficient Heated Hoodies

G-Tech Apparel Launches G-eneration 2: Cotton and Hydro-Thermal Heated Hoodies. You are now one click away from instant heat!

SpoonBest: Elevates Kitchen Utensils & Holds Tongs Perfectly

Stays clean more often than traditional spoon rests and works great with tongs too! You've tried the spoon rest—Now try the SpoonBest!

A/STAND - The Ultimate Lap-desk, Case, Tray, Stand

A/STAND - The transformative, portable work/play station which doubles as a tablet case - For anyone anywhere

Best organic and artisanal teas from around the world

You want the perfect health and sweet snack. Well, we just made it. Give the Gift of TEA to those Tea Lovers on Your List

EcoReco Model R: Ultimate Personal EV for all

Sleek, safe, smart and trackable. Versatile riding modes. 35% hill climbing with extendable ranges.

Lucis: World's Most Powerful, Wireless Mood LED

No Buttons, No App. Just touch it to change Color & Brightness!

Author - The Multifunction Pen

Disassemble and discover! A professional and lightweight pen filled with interesting functions to bring along on your daily adventures.

Brothers Socks: Wear 14 days straight without washing!

Our socks always keep you ready for unexpected adventures. With the Silver-Aroma technology, you can wear them up to 14 days. Odor-free

PIUMA: Super Minimal Titanium, Brass & Aluminum Fountain Pen

Sleek, minimal, and elegant fountain pen in solid titanium, brass, and black aluminum. Designed to be enjoyed for generations.

Empires of Steam: A Steampunk Themed Strategy Card Game

Build an empire powered by steam greater than any other. Outgrow your opponents thru strategy. A deck building and card placing game.

The Scandinavian Von Doren Timepiece - Art Nouveau Elegance

Elegant, high quality watches with clean lines. Premium components, including Swiss movement. Norwegian Design

+Winter heated insoles, ultra thin wireless charging

+Winter insoles are controlled with APP, splashproof, incredibly light and wafer-thin: turn them on and enjoy the most amazing warmth!

World's Coolest Key Ring, Bottle Opener, Hex & Spinning Top

KeyGoGo™ 4 in 1 G5 TITANIUM Multi-tool EDC, Clip it to a Belt Loop, Backpack or Purse & Never Lose your Keys, Take it for a Spin!

Idea Jab - The First Card Game For Generating Business Ideas

Compete and collaborate with friends, colleagues or classmates to create the best new ideas or play solo & generate your own big ideas!

Freedom Shirt, Powerfully enhanced, Superior comfort.

8 unique technical features designed for superior comfort & optimum core temperature | Free T-shirt to international backers

My Parka | World's Most Elegant Authentic & Functional Parka

Stylish Designs, Dual Coat, Down Free, Faux Fur, Multi Pockets, Extension, Water Resistance, Multi Seasonal, Built-in Gloves, All Sizes

Futur Wallet

Sexy, safe, and built to last. The worlds first fully RFID blocking Wood wallet now in Carbon Fiber and Aluminum.

Air Lever - Bicycle Tire Lever & CO2 Inflator in One

Every cyclist repairs tires. The Air Lever is a combination of two tools you need on any bike ride, a tire lever and CO2 inflator.

Jungle Tea - Empowering African Communities a Cup at a Time!

Wild teas harvested in the jungles of Africa, so unique and nutrient dense; they are published in the US National Library of Medicine.

Quodd Heroes - A fast, fun, tumble-powered board game

Awesome miniatures, truly unique mechanics, scenario-based gameplay, and gorgeous art. Action, adventure and Mayhem await!

SECTOR 6: compete today, breathe tomorrow!

A fast-paced game where the most skillful in claiming oxygen points and altering the labyrinth will survive the stellar prison…

Demon Espionage

A fast-paced social deduction party game for 3-6 players, featuring cunning demons and angry monsters from the underworld.

32&8 Lean Leather Wallet: Unique Lean bifold Wallet Design

We created a wallet designed with comfort and convenience in mind. While still keeping the sense of style and essence of a Bi-fold look

Venturi | World's FIRST Always Adjusted Belt

The Fastest on and off belt. Adjustable but Always adjusted. Casual but Classy. THE BELT ADJUSTED | Venturi Belt Co. #VenturiBeltCo

Most Powerful Direct Drive Electric Skateboard | Raptor 2

Introducing the Raptor 2. The world's most powerful direct drive electric skateboard. Featuring 28mph top speed & Over 25-mile range.

Tushi Pal Tracker - Fitness Tracker that combines Tradition and Design

Tushi Pal is a Continuous Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker that Provides Jobs to Indigenous Communities

Insanely Versatile Furniture!

Infinity in one object - chairs, beds, benches, tables even toys for kids. One of a kind design solution enriched by free mobile App.

Pearls Band - World's Best Health Monitoring Band

To keep you updated with your health stats here comes a combination of Style and Fitness.

Gravity Alpha Watches

Gravity is an unique watch brand inspired by the nature of gravitation and the mechanism of the star track.

Yoswit: Reinvented Smart Wall Switch

The direct replacement of your existing wall switch. Supports mesh and remote control outside home without depending on hub or gateway.

Sento Towel: An Incredible Upgrade for an Everyday Essential

Creating a remarkable bath towel. Meticulous design, exceptional materials with Japanese craftsmanship.

Where's my dongle?! Stop losing your iPhone7 audio adapter.

This is a matter of dongle or silence! Keep your iPhone 7 headphone adapter with you always. Never go without your music again.

EcstaPro The First GoPro Session Extended Battery

First Ever Extended Battery For GoPro HERO4 and HERO5 Session. Double The Battery Life Of Your Session!

Made to Measure Leather Shoes for Women & Men

Colourful leather shoes made to measure for modern men and women - Less than €120/$130 - Fair and ethically handmade -

Socks on the Beach: Surf-Styled Bamboo Dress Socks for Dudes

We created a line of hilarious, saltwater-inspired bamboo dress socks that'll keep your head in the game and your toes in the sand!

Everybot : The Robotic Spin Mop

Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a clean home with the Everybot RS500 Robot Mop

PUMP Audio MIX Wireless: For People Who Love Bass!

Bluetooth headphones with bass response like no other. Designed for people who love Electronic Music

Everest Sport Jackets With Space Certified Technology

Stay warm, dry and light outdoors with NASA inspired space sports jacket. Taking you that extra mile on every journey.

LOOPHOLE // The First Rubber Ring Phone Grip

Tired of dropping and replacing your expensive smartphones? Break free of this cycle and get a Loophole!

Betterspot: A Smart VPN Router for All Devices

An affordable built-in VPN router for secure online surfing and unblocking websites.

Elemental cubes by R.A.W.

RAW materials, captured in a perfect design. A simple, minimalistic, and stylish form, that your inner perfectionist will love.

Bolt Action Tough Pen : Bioengineered & Guaranteed For Life

A striking, bioengineered tactical pen built to stand out. This bolt action EDC tough pen is one of the most well-thought-out designs.

Felcana: The first smart cat & dog health monitor

Listen to your pet. Connect with them. Understand your cat & dog's health. Felcana - a health ecosystem invented by vets & engineers

Portefini: The World's Most Comfortable & Versatile Blazer

Blazers reinvented to fit today's evolving lifestyle. Our EVERYDAY BLAZER embodies comfort, versatility and affordable luxury.

RetroEngine Sigma - Mini Console & Media Player

Retrogaming Simplified. Computer, 4K-Mediacenter and the Greatest Retro-Station known to Man!


TRAPMATS are car mats that keep pollutants from staining the floor of your car. TRAPMATS will be custom-made to fit your car.

CABARO Swiss Automatic - Classic, But Different

Read all about these outstanding watches from CABARO: their Swiss Made caliber, their design and the people behind them.

Spelly Straws

Spelly Straws are creative, interactive, and educational straws that are perfect for all ages and occasions.

Carnaval De Muertos Playing Cards

Beautiful hand drawn playing cards, inspired by the celebration of Dia de los muertos. Designed and printed by Noir Arts | NPCC

Somnova, the world's first/Best super smart sleep mat

SOMNOVA is the only way to enjoy a better sleep.An effective and non-invasive high quality sleeping solution.

Hand Crafted Minimalist Wallet by Volo - The Non-Wallet II

The Simpler Minimalist Wallet - We listened, redesigned the Original Non-Wallet and made it Simpler

db-E: Smart Gadget That Prevent Drowsy Driving

Affordable,smart device that keeps you awake for long-haul driving, attending meeting, studying and other situations, starting at $31

Hairbrella - The World's Smartest Rain Hat

Protect your hair from the rain with the ultimate rain hat - it has the stylish appeal of a beanie, and folds into itself for storage.

SMARTDUVET: The self-making bed is here!

The world's first, easy and universal bed making solution. A seamless device that places your duvet & sheets back in position every day

HandEnergy: Your Pocket Electricity Generator

Generate clean energy with the power of your body. Charge your smartphone, tablet and gadgets anytime and anywhere.

BumpOut: Revolutionizing Portable Audio

Innovative Motorized Expansion Technology. Powerful, high quality sound that fits in your pocket.

Wallor - Next Generation RFID protected, GPS/BLTE wallet

A smart, hand-crafted wallet that combines style with technology, giving you a feeling of elegance and security.

Panther Alpha - Tiny 4K, 2GB/32GB Linux-powered Desktop

A tiny, Linux-powered desktop replacement exclusive on Kickstarter for $89. Engineered to be 4K TV set-top box and PC in one.

VentiFresh - Odor Eliminator Inspired by NASA

VentiFresh uses UV photocatalyst technology to remove bad odors in small spaces. No filter needed.

Visions of a Thousand Eyes : the ultimate fantasy artbook !

Limited deluxe fantasy artbook. The most ambitious collection of contemporary fantasy art. The offspring of a community.

Hand Crafted Minimalist Wallet by Volo - The Non-Wallet II

The Simpler Minimalist Wallet - We listened, redesigned the Original Non-Wallet and made it Simpler

Raspi Boy : Retro handheld emulation console, electronic kit

Build your own handheld game console that will emulate all your childhood video games!

CubeFit TerraMat | The Ergonomic Standing Desk Mat

The patent-pending TerraMat was designed to keep you moving behind your desk, improve fitness, and increase productivity at work.

We're not your grandma's tea | Taste Tea Naturals

Specialty fruit and herbal tea infusions with a Caribbean twist. Tasty. Unique. Exotic. Taste di vibes!

Precision Machined Metal Gavels

Titanium, Copper, Magnesium and Brass metal Gavels. Key-chain size and full size solid metal gavels.

Maguss: The Mobile Multiplayer Spell Casting Game

Learn magic, cast spells and duel other wizards in the augmented reality world of Maguss.

Hunting Sasquatch

In this fast paced, family friendly game, roll dice and avoid legends to locate proof of the existence of Sasquatch! Do you Believe?

SELFFEE: The Edible Selfie

Your image printed on 2 dozen cookies! Eat your face? Get your Selffee Cookies here.

Hippinie | Multi-Functional Beanie. The tool for your head!

Comfortably soft and seamless beanie that extends, giving warmth to your head, neck & face, reducing your cold weather gear to one!

The Memory Journal - Make your days memorable

The guided journal that will help you to remember and appreciate your life more.

Custom made Unique Jewelry!

The mission ; Joining women of all ages by inspiring them to feel better about themselves through unique and varied creations!

AguaDrone, 100% Waterproof Drone with a Fish Finder & More!

AguaDrone; a 100% waterproof drone equipped with a sonar fish finder, bait drop, line casting pod, camera pod & more! Find-Fish-Film!

DEZZIO - The World's First Functional Beach Bag

Innovative design with 10 unique features that will change the way you pack for the beach.

ZERO - Follow Focus Lens Gear by Broken Anchor Design

ZERO is the world's first and only truly universal, seamless follow focus lens gear, that installs in an instant.

Alarmshock™- Don't Just Wake Up, Get Up!

The Worlds FIRST "GET UP" System - Our Patented Invention is proven to get the most stubborn over sleepers...STRAIGHT UP!!

Actofit - Redefining Fitness Tracking

Firstever fitness tracker that automates comprehensive workout tracking; provides actionable insight

Troy: Handcrafted Wood Watch with Visible Skeleton

Handcrafted from oak shipwood, Troy is the first wooden watch to have a visible mechanical skeleton with automatic movement


Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming!

Timeless, high-quality "Made to Measure" Leather Jackets

For Men and Women designed , tailored with all the same and refined Valeriano Romano sensibilities.

SPACO Voice Controlled Levitating Speaker

The smartest, wireless, voice-controlled speaker with movie-theater grade audio you can find


Spinn is world’s first bean-to-cup coffee maker that can make a single serve Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Carafe of Coffee and more.

Thunder-C: Drop USB-C Adapter, Keep Cable Simple!

The one & the last cable you'll ever need before the next wireless age, both for iPhone & Android!

Twirling 720 VR Recorder

Record Real 3D sound with an all-in-one VR microphone.

Vimble S - Never Capture A Shaky Video Again

A premium, easy to use and affordable phone stabilizer that allows everyone to be a professional filmmaker.

SKUNKLOCK: The only bike lock that Fights Back.

The bike lock that will make thieves vomit when they try to steal your bike!

Lief | Smart patch that fights stress

Stay calm and focused by learning to control your body's natural stress response.

iKeybo: World's Most Advanced Projection Keyboard and Piano

The world’s first virtual laser projection multilingual keyboard, virtual piano, and portable charger. All Together.

Xpider: World's Cutest Spider Robot

The neural network-powered spider robot that fits in the palm of your hand.

Moly Windows Phone

Your New Smart Phone for Working

The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition

Get the campaign-based miniatures game with apps featuring rich storytelling usually only found in RPGs—with no need for a Game Master!

Backpacks & Blisters! A classic board game for the family.

Enjoy the glories of the English Lake District (World Heritage Site nominate) in this game of friendly rivalry. 1-6 players Max 90 min.

Experience Surfing on Land with Surfwheel SU

Surfwheel is a revolutionary electric skateboard that brings the ocean waves to you!

The 48Hr Switch | Backpack, Messenger, Briefcase in a Switch

The one everyday expandable bag that you can rely on for travel, photography and work.

1Cables: Turn your smartphone into a computer

It is the first smart cable to connect smartphones to everything, giving your phone the capabilities of a computer.

PATCH: The Smart Strap For Your Analogue Watch

Turn your favourite analogue timepiece at home into a smart wearable with Patch, a stylish yet smart watch strap

Hy - amazing wireless earbuds you never have to take off

Hy is a pair of wireless audio wearables for music, calls and voice actions, which don't block your natural hearing, and last for days.

POMO WAFFLE: Smartwatch For Kids Independence And Creativity

A smartwatch that not only develops creativity and responsibility in kids, it also helps build up their independence.

QUBE: The World's First Smart Trash Can

QUBE is the world's first smart trash can that helps you recycle using innovative technology. QUBE is the trash can of the future.

The HEIMPLANET MOTION Series Active Backpacks

The future of active packs - the MOTION Series by HEIMPLANET, perfect for every trip and every day, wherever you go.

MORPHEUS delta; Fine Quality Resin 3D Printer at FDM price.

Far better than any other 3D printers in print-quality & speed, under $1,000-category. Personal Resin 3D Printer. Powered by LIPS tech.

iDockAll 2 - True One Hand Undocking with a Twist!

One hand undocking, works with all iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android Phones & Tablets. Release system allows continuous charging!

bitwarden - Open Source, Cross Platform Password Manager

bitwarden is an easy-to-use, open source password manager that syncs to all of your devices, helping keep you safe online.

The Square Bottle, 32oz

The Square is now BIGGER! A new 32oz Square water bottle from the creators of Clean Bottle.

Ooly - More sleep for the whole family

First app-connected sleep training companion to help your child understand when it’s time to get up.

ReForm - Compression Re-Thought

Intelligently designed to provide stabilization, increased performance, and postural support never seen before in compression wear.

Lost Stars - Social Jewellery

Ancient knowledge in today's technology. Lost Stars astrology re-invent the bridge between people x people

Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus

Meet the stylus that works like the pencil you grew up with. Flip has the features of an active stylus without Bluetooth or batteries!

Mobis Black Privacy and Screen Protectors

Help keep your screens, and what's on them, safe. confidential, sensitive and private information.

Made-Pal Back Support

Transform any chair into ergonomic, posture correcting seating to relieve back pain at its source.

Sence: The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity

Sence gives you insights that help you improve your wellbeing by automatically logging when and where you feel key emotions

Gnome: Smart Garden Sensor & Watering System

The world's most advanced, remote controlled soil monitoring & irrigation system. Save 30% of water.

The Full Stack Developer Bundle - Learn By Building 40+ Apps

Learn Full Stack Development by building real world apps. 40+ hrs of tutorials to enhance skills for developers across multiple domains

Daplie: World's First Home Server - For Everyone.

Cloud is a "plug & play" home server that connects you to your home from anywhere in the world.


The first tiny bag with nano suction. It's easy to stick it on every smooth, flat surfaces. Sticks without being sticky.

indieGO! TM All in one retro console and media center

Raspberry Pi3, Odroid XU4 or Orange Pi powered all in one gaming console

The World's Best Dog Bed by Ralph & Co

Tonnes of features and beautiful designs come together to create the world's best dog bed.

MOTION - A German Designer Watch / Affordable Price

MOTION is a watch with an unique dial which rotates around its own axis. It's build with high quality and is permanently in motion.

Sealblades - World's first retracting hand paddles

The world's first retracting hand paddles for surf, SUP, boogie & prone paddle-boarding. Power up your session. Max out on fun.

World First True 4K 360 VR Camera Photography and Video

Vyu360™ 4K VR 360 Camera a virtual reality action camera ( true immersive 360 ) Includes 32GB, 30 meters underwater case & mounts.

Dots Dash - Quality footwear from top-notch designers

Shape the looks of tomorrow's footwear with Dots Dash team of top-notch Talents and their unique designs

Dear Deer Pliers - The Incarnation of Elegance

When tools are more than tools... We want a life with more imagination and beauty.

Wingman: The 21st century collar stay

Wingman is the worlds first collar stay with technology that adapts itself to make your collar stand up and stay up!

Luxury Watches Giacomo Cortes from Switzerland

Finally a watch from Switzerland with Lifetime warranty for less than 100 $, Ronda SWISS MADE Movement and Sapphire Crystal Glass

The TrailBlazer Backpack Series by Mountain Yak

Handcrafted hemp backpacks designed for versatility, crafted by master tailors, sourced from nature.

Carbon Auto – Automatic Watch Set with Carbon fiber

Semi Skeleton and Classic designed Automatic watches bundled with extra straps for Versatility. Pay less for quality.

Shaze: The Ultimate Lounge Chair

Help us create the next big thing to hit beaches, tailgates, and campsites near you.


A sequel to the award-winning, genre breaking, asymmetric strategy cult classic. Win against the odds in AI War 2.

Twirling720 VR Audio Recorder

Record Real 3D sound with an all-in-one VR microphone.

THE WINGCASE - The Smartest Briefcase in the World.

The unique wing design + functional features allow this case to be a work and overnight bag, making it the only one you’ll ever need.

Derevos Fashion Collars

Derevos pet collars: The natural and stylish solution to protecting your pet!

The Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessel

Transform Ordinary Alcohol Into Extraordinary Infused Spirits, Cocktails, and Bitters With Ease.

Slim Bifold II - The Classic Wallet, Redesigned with RFID.

Made with Full Grain Italian Leather, fits full-size bills, coins, 13+ cards & has RFID protection so your details will always be safe.

Ogre Sauce - All-Purpose Craft BBQ Sauce

Tastes great on everything like ribs, wings, salmon, pizza, burgers, tofu, oysters, pretzels, steak, grilled veggies, pineapple, eggs..


iLuun Air Allows You To Wirelessly Store & Share Photos & Videos, Transfer Files & Media, and Stream HD Movies Using Your Mobile Device

Handcrafted Chevron-pattern cutting board

An ordinary cutting board made to be extraordinary

Bixpy Jet: Powerful. Portable. Modular Water Jet!

The World’s smallest water propulsion system for snorkeling, diving, paddling & kayaking adventures

World's Fastest Solar Charger and Solar Jacket.

Evolution Wear - Rapid Sol and Winter Solstice Solar Jacket. Faster than all the others.

SWON: The smart device that conserves shower water

SWON is a small, wifi connected device that installs on your existing shower-head to save water & money. Two precious resources, right?

Henty CoPilot: First Two Bag System for Commuting & Travel

Designed for adventure travel & commuting. Outer garment bag keeps clothes crease-free. Grab & go inner bag for gym & day trips.

Wolffepack Summit: The Ultimate Snowsports & Access Backpack

Wolffepack Summit is the ultimate backpack for snowsports and active access. Swing your bag round to the front without unstrapping.

VELLO BIKE+ The First Self-Charging Electric Folding Bike

The lightest and most compact electric folding bike in the world!

Robelf - Your Mobile Monitoring Robot!

The world's first multi-camera home security robot with a price within your reach!

Talon - ultra lightweight pocket tool for everyday carry

17+ tools in one. Does not scratch your phone or tablet. Made of aerospace & military composite. Designed + made in Melbourne

SIMpro - SIMplify the way you connect: Anytime, Anywhere!

One device to control multiple SIM cards, phones and data connection. With SIMpro you never need to switch SIM cards or phones again.

LUMINNO GlowaSwitch - The Light Switch Plate Reinvented

Patented light switch plates with OVERNIGHT illumination and energy-saving insulation features. No electricity, no wiring needed.

K35: The thinnest and lightest leather travel slippers

Travel should be simple and light.

Connect. Code. Create. With SBrick Plus

Take learning and playing with LEGO® to the next level with sensors! Build creations with SBrick Plus and make them interactive!

APÉRO - The World's First Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener

The easiest way to open your wine bottles. Technology utilizing nitrous oxide makes the process lightning fast and effortless.

AIRY box - Your natural and highly effective air purifier

Plants can purify the air. But how? With their roots! AIRY is the first plant pot to ventilate the root system. The result: Fresh air.

riimo a Ultra-Thin IR Smart Remote for any devices

3.5mm Plug Intelligent Mobile IR Smart Remote Control Supports all the IR remote control devices

SERMAN BRANDS 1.S RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

SERMANBRANDS 1.S: Slim Profile. RFID Armed. The next best satisfying addition to your essentials.

Solartab C: the most advanced solar charger ever

The world’s first solar charger with USB-C! Charges any mobile device with 1 USB-C and 2 USB ports.


Intricately detailed images of a city skyline cut into a recycled vinyl record. Perfect for music and art enthusiasts.

Eco Friendly Mosquito Control - The ELIMIFLY

Our biodegradable, nontoxic trap kills large numbers of mosquitos without endangering other wildlife.

ASAP X-Connect - World's strongest magnetic USB cable for all your smart devices

Finally 1 cable for all your USB devices. Strong enough to even hold an iPad Air upside down!

SmartShow Intelligent Water Mug

The world’s first Intelligent water mug that tracks your water quality, consumption and health data.

Air Charge | Levitating Charger for iPhone 7 and 6

The world’s only levitating phone charger designed for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (also works with the iPhone 6/6s and 6/s Plus)

SCUBAJET. Most versatile electric water sports jet-engine

The handy & most powerful jet-engine for SUP, canoeing, snorkeling & diving is now available! SCUBAJET is ready to use within seconds.

The Eagle By CAB Motorworks - The Ultimate In Green Motion

The Ultimate Mix of Performance, Durability, and Value for a High Powered Electric Bike.

IRONATE - Perfect "no oven" pizza in just 3 minutes

The pizza on this photo wasn't made in a wood fired oven. It wasn't made in an oven at all. I made it on my kitchen stove in 3 minutes.

Fully adjustable, retractable, flexible, upper body brace

Bladeflex is a new patent pending device designed to help you restore and maintain your correct posture, improving your overall health.

Coen Anders Watch - Elegant Timepieces For Every Occasion

Sleek, versatile watches meticulously designed for the dapper and chic minimalists. Launched on Kickstarter on 8 Sep lasting 30 days.

Jolt - Brew Coffee & Tea in the Palm of Your Hand

A portable coffee and tea brewer that can brew anywhere in the world using rechargeable batteries.

Lucy: Light Indoor Spaces With Real Sunshine

Lucy is a smart natural lighting system for your home/office. Turn off the lights & let Lucy shine.

MAGIEN - The Jewel of Secrets - Thousands of Pendants in ONE

Thousands of Combinations in just ONE PENDANT: Perfume Diffuser, Keeper of Secrets, Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy.

Alabaster - The Bible Beautiful

Visual imagery and thoughtful design integrated within the text of the four Gospels for a beautiful reading experience.

Zubi Flyer | The First Hackable Frisbee

The first hackable toy of its kind, Zubi Flyer teaches real code in a fun, simple way; it's as easy as 1,2,3 | Build, Hack, Play!

Sivani Duffle and Tote Bags - Heirloom Quality Meets Style

Rugged waxed canvas bags, built in America, personalized for the individual. Old-school craftsmanship meets modern lifestyle.

Carbage Can™ | Topple Proof, Slim Trash Can.

Keeping your car clean ought to be easy, but it is not always convenient. Carbage Can is the solution that you have been waiting for. Carbage Can is the world’s first no-spill, non-intrusive trash can for your car. The best way to keep your car and your life clean and clutter-free.

The Wicked Wizard of Oz

THE WICKED WIZARD OF OZ is a brand new nightmarish gamebook - a multi-path book, very much in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, in which you choose the course of the story - inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, and the Dieselpunk aesthetic movement. Anybody who has read and played Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland will have a very clear idea of what to expect!

Eisenwald: Blood of November

Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements set in a low fantasy medieval world where supersticions of that time became alive. It was funded in May 2012 on Kickstarter and was released in 2015 on Steam and GOG where it was well received. In this new story you will get to decide who is fit for the throne of the duchy of Eisenwald. The duke is dead, long live the duke. Two factions vie for the throne and you will have to choose a side, for neutrality is not an option.

LIVALL Cycling Helmet : Smart, Safe and Simple

Smart Cycling Helmet includes a built in Heart Rate Monitor,SOS Alert, Walkie-Talkie, Turning Signal

Race To Space: The Game For Kids Who Wish Learning Was Fun!

Embark on an epic battle of wits & shenanigans in this strategy game where education is spelled F-U-N. Learning will never be the same!

Room in Room - Add a Versatile Room Right onto Your Bed

Sleep Deeply. Be warm and cozy. Help your kids go to bed feeling safe. Enjoy your private laptop station and watch movie.

iKON- The Best Tracking Device with a SMART BUTTON

Tired of wasting time looking for your valuables? Effortlessly find everything with iKON

Axum - World's Best True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Using M-voiD Technology : Producing The Clearest Sound You've Ever Heard In Wireless Earphones

Kii RING - An Effortless Key Ring

Kii RING™ allows a faster and simpler way to swap out your keys. With limitless possibilities it's the perfect EDC.

OneSpoon: The spoon redesigned to fit any jar!

High quality BPA free & dishwasher safe spoons designed for easy reuse. Avoid waste with OneSpoon

JP SilverBamboo: The first self-cleaning towel with Silver

Dermatologist recommended natural and plush towel which eliminates 99.9% microbes. Engineered using Silver and Bamboo. Say YES to clean

Titanium Drink Coasters - Minimal Modern Design

Grade 5 Titanium Drink Coasters. Glass Bead Finish For No Condensation Stick. Buy for Your Home, Garage or Desk. New Stretch Goals!

World's Best Lens For Smartphone Photography

A Professional Lens for your smart phone to capture the best photos.

Lion Designs: Wallet w/ Carbon Fiber Clip & Portable Charger

RFID Leather Wallet that combines a Carbon Fiber Money Clip, Portable Phone Charger, and 8 Card/Coin Slots into a Unique Luxury Wallet.

icon 6-in-1 backpack

Backpack converts to: extended backpack, small duffle, extended duffle, daypack w/ laptop sleeve, messenger bag w/ laptop sleeve.

Fresh Lids: Save money while helping the environment!

Minimize waste and save money by tracking and organizing food with the Fresh Lids app. Receive notifications before perishables expire!

MATE. The coolest and most affordable eBike EVER

Experience the ultimate in cycling versatility. Save up to 70% off MSRP when you back our campaign.

ASAP Connect: The future of USB cables with 18K gold plating 

Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever

Revolutionary Game Controller For The #1 App in the WORLD

We developed a gaming controller that works with the #1 app in the world. Simply throw this ball and catch'm like a real trainer.

The Apollo- Automatic Tourbillon Watch, Surf Coast Australia

An automatic tourbillon watch with kangaroo leather strap, designed on, and inspired by the Great Ocean Road, Surf Coast Australia.

N O R T H - Simple, timeless and refined watches

High quality watches for the urban pathfinder. Premium stainless steel and copper plated case with genuine leather straps.

PÖSH - The Smartest Revolutionary Designed Cable

World's First Designer Minimalist Cable. Up to 2.4X Faster 3X Durable. #IntegratedMetalCasingDesign

Jack the Ripper - A Primer Card Game

Jack the Ripper is a chaotic, social bluffing card game that plays out in 2 to 15 minutes. Jack is great fun as a filler or party game!

XKchrome: Play with Light Like Never Before

Transform living space or everyday object into interactive & playful focal points using LED light and incredible sensors in your phone.


A revolutionary new way to track your diet and lifestyle habits. Raise your awareness about food, happiness and success!

DEZZIO - The World's First Functional Beach Bag

Innovative design with 10 unique features that will change the way you pack for the beach.

MarSoar - The Best Smartphone & GoPro Stabilizer

Capture stunning video. To bring a steady focus to all, only the best or nothing.

eCam: The Best 4K Camera ever

With 30FPS 4K Recording, 16MP Sony Sensor, 7 layered 173 Degree Wide Angle Lens + a lot more

Specter: Safe and Stylish Device for Night Runners &Athletes

Fully customizable athletic safety device with high quality LED lights that create text or an image as you move.

Trak Taag Tracker - 80 Year Battery & SOS Button

No more losing things & buying batteries. One button makes SOS Calls & takes Videos, Pictures, Audio

nipi - the portable solar generator & smart cooler

nipi is the ultra mobile, super strong, solar powered cooler you've been waiting for!

Vent On Demand

The first truly affordable, accessible on demand life coaching app.

WRIGHT - Exceptional Quality Automatic Watches

Elegant and attractive timepieces that deliver a complete watch experience. starting at only €199

Unisex modern watches

Watches with interchangeable straps fit for every occasion! Friday Dapper provide's premium, fashionable yet affordable watches.

Rever Vant Clipfold- The Most Cash Accessible Wallet

The Rever Vant Clipfold excels in a feature all minimalist wallets simply overlook, the ability to access your cash.

Mighty Pizza Stone - Perfect Pizza on Your Grill, Everytime!

Baking perfect artisan pizza & bread on your grill is fast, fun, simple and delicious with the Mighty Pizza Stone.

LUX CABLES. The Premium Charging Cable

2 meters long, thicker wire gauge (20 AWG), metal encased tips and braided with nylon.

The MONT Notebook "The Most Featured Notebook Ever"

30+ Features | 17 Colors | 3 Series | USB | Calculator | Goal Tree | Planners | 2-in-1 Pen | Ruler | Sticky Notes | Graph Paper & more

The MONT Notebook "The Most Featured Notebook Ever"

30+ Features | 17 Colors | 3 Series | USB | Calculator | Goal Tree | Planners | 2-in-1 Pen | Ruler | Sticky Notes | Graph Paper & more

ONAK: the origami foldable canoe

ONAK's case on wheels unfolds into a top quality canoe in 10 minutes, all possible due to decisive innovations in material and design.

The House of Da Vinci

A unique 3D hands-on puzzle adventure game, set in the exact time and place where the world's greatest inventor lived and worked.

NiftyX - The World's First Wearable Cable with POWERBANK

A revolutionary charging bracelet cable with power bank. Never be afraid of running out of battery again.

2048 | The DIY Open-Source Game Console

Create your own video games whilst learning about coding

Art of the Faro Comics Universe

Celebrating the art of the Faro Comics Trifecta of Talent & showing off the wacky concept art that makes imagination so addictive

Legendary Dice Throwers- the evolution of dice towers

The FUN evolution of dice towers with FREE shipping internationally.

Fire of Eidolon - 16-Bit Inspired Co-Op Dungeon Board Game

A light and super portable Boardgame for 1-6 Players in 30-40 minutes! Work together, Explore the Dungeon & rescue the Fire of Eidolon!

Capture Case : a super powered xenon flash for iPhone

Enjoy beautifully exposed images, and try high speed photography, all with the world’s fastest and most powerful flash for iPhone.

FreeBelts - Let's go buckle-free.

Wear belts without the annoying buckles. No bulge, no hassle. Look great and breathe comfortably.

evive: world's best all-in-one embedded toolkit!

The simplest way ever to learn, prototype & debug.

The Brilliant TOWEL TAC'R! No More Flyaway Beach Towels!

A BRILLIANT beach tool! TAC your TOWEL in the sand! Withstands the strongest winds! No more flyaway towels. Beach life just got better!

Drawing Without Dignity: An Adult Party Game

This adult drawing game reveals your knowledge of inappropriate, dirty material and your ability (or inability) to draw it well.

Octospot – World's Greatest Action Camera for Diving

The Octospot Dive Camera is designed for divers and their needs

NovelTea Tins: The British Collection

Pride & Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist, Matcha Do About Nothing: Tea Tins with an English Sense of Humour

Color Clues

Treasure hunts that use audio clues, for kids of all ages!

Balanst® Premium Wallet | Your Privacy Masterpiece.

A sleek, minimalist and private wallet. RFID protected, due to the anodized aluminium exterior. Opens with a smooth flick of the thumb.

WHICH ONE ARE YOU? - plush doll series

Get your own psychological Archetype Doll and discover your identity. Characters inspired by Carl Jung's theories, crafted for YOU!

BYRON: The First 2 in 1 Leather Carryall.

Top quality customizable carryall, made in unique Italian leather, with seamless magnetic spine that accommodates modular inserts

Trak Card Wallet & Phone Tracker with RFID Shield

1st Tracker with FIND button to protect your wallet or phone AND block RFID credit card scanning.

Hyper Sentinel

Andrew Hewson presents HYPER SENTINEL - an intense retro gaming inspired shoot 'em up delivering classic arcade action. Demo available!

Refined Titanium Scuba watches

Concept to reality. Refined Titanium Scuba watches by : SCURO Watches

Oco2 Home Monitoring Camera with SD Card and Cloud

Next generation FullHD camera with local and cloud storage. No false notifications. No monthly fees.

Open Building Institute: Eco-Building Toolkit

Open source initiative to make affordable eco-housing widely accessible.

The Dice Tool - The First Titanium Dice Shaped Multi-Tool

A titanium, dice shaped, multi-tool with hundreds of possible tool combinations in a size no larger than a standard casino dice.

Modern Zinc: The next generation of bedding

A new breed of bedding harnessing the beneficial properties of Zinc, keeping your skin healthy and sheets fresh.

Build Your Soap | Revolutionizing Custom Body Care

With BuildYourSoap(.com), you will be able to custom make your very own soap, while choosing from all natural, vegan ingredients.

WoodieHub | Rethink how you see powerstrips

You can finally stop hiding powerstrips. But show them off instead. While having all the charging technologies you need (Made in Italy)

Jacopo Dondi | 24-Hour Watches

Time displayed naturally.

BioRing - The Personal Trainer on Your Finger!

A groundbreaking ring that ensures you stay on track with your health & wellness goals.

Ace of Space

Ace of Space is an oddball narrative 3D space shooter, set in the space future, with an exciting single player space story. For PC!

BELT | LINE - Take it up a notch & get a better belt.

Our belts are designed to be the most comfortable belts you'll ever wear. They're stylish, stretchy and they hold up your pants.


The 1st Slim Wallet with Coin Compartment , 40% Smaller, 20% Bigger in Capacity, Hand Crafted the by Best Artisan in the Industry

NOMAD power pack iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and Micro USB

NOMAD power pack provides a 45% power boost, fully functional sync/charging cable, data storage

help-flash, the 2-in-1 emergency light & portable lamp

Improve your safety with Help-flash, the magnetic emergency light & portable lamp 360º. Make your vehicle visible from long range

xFaire: A TV Device. Watch Any Content, Anytime & Anywhere

World's 1st Crowdfunded TV Service You Always Wanted! Cable? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need CABLE!

A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime.

A sleek, solid metal, American-made mechanical pencil that will last you a lifetime.

Helium Core - Building Block for iPhoneography

iPhone cage. Swap lenses. Add accessories. Create a custom iPhone photo or video setup, easily.

WRENCHit - Turning Smart

All-in-one and ingenious. A reinvented spanner with easy-cycling and interchangeable wrenches!

Luxury RFID Wallet with Theft & Loss Protection

Handcrafted minimalist wallet with scratch resistant leather, quick swipe card slots + 2 way tracker

The Splash Baby - The splash guard

Prevent the splashing water from getting on the floor during bath time!

Vbag 5-in-1 Convertible Backpack System: 1 for All

Only Backpack you can take to work, travel & gym + use for baby stuff. 5 styles to hold anything.

MAGiO 1st One piece 2-in-1 Cable: Android & Apple

1 plug for Micro USB & Lightning + USB/micro USB plugs into any power source: even Android phones.

World’s First Touch Enabled T-shirt

BROADCAST: a programmable LED t–shirt that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone.

Lever Gear Toolcard - 40 Tools in 1 Slim Card

40 tools in a beautifully crafted, credit card sized multitool w/removable money clip. TSA friendly.

Stay cool and protected with Alchemi Sun Hats

Alchemi Sun Hats reflect the sun's heat and block 99.8% of UV rays with a tested UPF over 800+.

The Greatest Pants Ever

Comfort and style has evolved with McMacular silk lined pants!

The RAFINO - Coffee Grind Refining System

Many have tried to perfect the grinder. We perfected the grind.

Gravity Light: A 360 Degree Magnetic LED Lamp

Elegantly designed modern Lamp. Optimize Your Lighting Experience!

Air Case - The World's Thinnest Battery Phone Case

The World’s Thinnest & Most Affordable iPhone Battery Case

ASAP Dash: World's Fastest Pocket-sized Charger

World's Fastest Battery Pack. Stores enough power in 5 min to charge iPhone 5 100%. USB Type-C ready


BAENDIT: SUNGLASSES THAT FIT IN....ANYWHERE. Wrap them up, take them apart and rebuild in any colour


High-quality wood robot collection designed for action-packed fun. Play, transform and enjoy!

GECKO - 1$ Magnetic wireless charging for mobiles

Transform USB cables and power-banks into a magnetic wireless-style charging pod/data sync station.

Phazon : wireless earbuds guaranteed not to fall

Introducing Phazon - World's first one size fits all wireless earbuds.

Oche Pong, Balls to the Wall Beer Pong

Play some beer pong on the wall, on your tent at your tailgate, or where ever else you you want.

AIRY - your solution against indoor air pollution!

Thanks to AIRY your living room is becoming a climatic health resort within 24 hours.

MagicStick - Most powerful PC stick - 8GB RAM!

MagicStick, with Intel Cherry processor, turns your TV into a powerful PC.