Piranha Plug: Never Lose Another Cell Phone Charger Again

No more lost or stolen cables! Chargers when & where you want them...one end locks into an outlet, the other locks down your cord.

bakslap: Sunscreen and Lotion Applicator for Back & Body.

Easily apply sunscreen to all areas of your body, like your back, without the messy hands. We've got your back!

iMate: Sync and Charge All Apple Devices At Once

Charge & sync your Macbook, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch at the same time + USB-C, 3.0 & HDMI 4K ports

inCharge Universal - one cable to rule them all

The original keyring charging cable has just become universal. Charge all devices with one cable.

GoCube | The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

An incredible smart connected cube with tracking and whole new way to cube. Learn, improve, and even compete.

Keep Going ON Officiser FR

Keep going. Continue with what you love. Walk, Run, Bike, Surf, Skateboard at your Desk.

Caliburnus — A hand-Tooled Automatic Watch by VALIMOR

Our aim was to create a watch with a level of handcrafted details not found on any other watch in this price range.

PAQ: Your Luggage Companion

Pack your bags Faster, Easier and Safer. Protect your valuable from crack, spill, crease, and even theft. We know you're curious ;)

Aeonic™ Watch's First Design - Kairos

A brand that meshes value, quality and style, Aeonic has a goal of making watches and fashion accessories inspired by classic design.

LynQ: Location Tracking Even When Cell Phones Fail

Real-time distance & direction, globally under open sky. No Phones, Maps, Networks or Monthly Fees.

The AS DE PIQUE Legend chrono watch with real moving turbine

Since 2015 we are creating awesome watches but now its time to introduce something new, something legendary! The AS DE PIQUE LEGEND!

Mark Drone: The Ultra-intelligent 4K foldable drone, $239

Revolutionary Visual Inertial Odometry Positioning | Image Stabilization| Auto-Tracking| Trajectory Memorization| Gesture&Voice Control