Wunder360 S1: FIRST 3D Scanning & 360 AI Camera

Easy 3D Scanning | In-Camera 360 Stitching | Create Virtual Tour | Super Stabilization | AI Tracking

ROBOQI: The Most Advanced Wireless Charger for Phones

Unique designed with auto-robotic features. Qi fast wireless charging 7.5W for iPhone & 10W for Android.

MiGU BEAR 3: World’s First Extensible Charging Cable Kit

The extensible charging cable kit that is over 3 meters long and charges three devices at a time

PLUME | An intelligent rocket launches in your house

PLUME is a smart, multifunctional rocket launch vehicle designed to mimic a rocket launch in both appearance and entertainment.

Lumen: Hack your metabolism & lose weight

In a single breath, take the guesswork out of your nutrition.

Rymek Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Vintage-inspired design | Dual Bluetooth/USB mode | Dynamic backlit keys | Support all OS

ZexaBox: The Decentralized Private Cloud System

A plug & play distributed and encrypted storage application designed for families and small businesses


A 90-day planner that will help you reach your dreams, be productive, stay happy, and develop positive life-balance.

B&B PURE: customizable headphones that adjust to you

The innovative and customizable headphone that adjusts to your unique hearing profile and has more features that define your lifestyle.

VoiceMojo: Voice AI to Make Your Life Easier and Smarter

A wearable voice AI specially designed to improve work & study efficiency, enhance communication skills and assist your daily living.

Piranha Plug: Never Lose Another Cell Phone Charger Again

No more lost or stolen cables! Chargers when & where you want them...one end locks into an outlet, the other locks down your cord.

bakslap: Sunscreen and Lotion Applicator for Back & Body.

Easily apply sunscreen to all areas of your body, like your back, without the messy hands. We've got your back!