Octa - Apple Watch Case inspired by Classic Swiss Timepieces

A luxurious statement piece that represents both technology and art.

INKURU | The Ultimate Everyday Travel Solution.

Polycarbonate material | Weighing scale | Location tracker | TSA Lock | Packing Cubes | Stainless steel flask | Laundry bag |

Tesmo: Fast Wireless Charger, Power Bank & Planner all-in-1

The Tesmo Universe Book is the world’s most functional yet stylish multi-device charger and planner to simplify your life.

Meet your new massage therapist

Back Roller 48 -- get fast and lasting back pain relief with the world's most powerful, effective and versatile back roller.

Coolbox™: The Entertainment Cooler™

A high-tech, ready-for-anything entertainment cooler with built-in Bluetooth speakers and everything you need to have a great time

Coral UV: the all-in-one UV sanitizer and dryer

Effective, safe, and chemical-free, Coral UV uses ultraviolet C light to destroy 99.9% of germs in just 10 minutes

The Automatic Swiss Made Watch With All The Right Specs!

Timeless and unique designs, premium components and Italian leather straps. All the right specs. Without the luxury markup.

GAMO: First 3D Surround Sound Gaming Earphones

Gamers rejoice! Revolutionary earphone designed to capture every key sound detail in a 3D space.

Leaf: The All Natural Energy Drink

The Genuinely Healthy and All Natural Energy Drink Containing Only 6 Ingredients.

Litmor Capsule: The Intelligent 180° Camera Floodlight

180° Wide-Angle | Family Recognition |2K Video | 24*7 | HDR | 360° Luminance | Less False Alert | Unique Design | Free Local Storage

ELLIPAL - The Cold Wallet 2.0 with Mobile App

Internet Isolated Hardware Wallet | Highest Security | Major Crypto Support | Manage Wallet via App

Travis Touch - I speak 105 languages, so can you!

The ultimate pocket translator that uses artificial intelligence to translate speech in real-time.