Hero Organizer - coolest multifunctional sculptures

Colorful, stylish handmade organizer in a shape of different legendary characters. The piece of art in your interior.

Handle Plus | A Smart Stand for Every Tablet

The only truly universal solution on the market for handling any tablet safely.

Tesmo: Fast Wireless Charger, Power Bank & Planner all-in-1

The Tesmo Universe Book is the world’s most functional yet stylish multi-device charger and planner to simplify your life.

Safebrick: Most intelligent drive assist.

No more speeding tickets and the worlds best traffic information. All in one for your car.

Dolphin - Waterproof Earbuds With Intuitive Controls

Bring your music into the shower, the hot tub or even the pool with the Dolphin Earbuds. They are a 100% waterproof pair of earbuds with highly intuitive controls for easy management of music when on the go.

Langogo, 1st Pocket Translator and Global Wi-Fi

60+ Languages | Real-time Translation | Global Wi-Fi | AI Assistance | Superior Voice Recognition

Shux | Packable Performance Wear

Packable performance wear with UX technology and a built-in carry pouch for portability.

Voyage Sleep Mask | The Compact 360° Padded Sleep Mask

The compact & adjustable sleep mask with 360° microbead padding and water-resistant carrying case for the best power nap anywhere!

MUSGO: Revolutionary Smart Illuminated Jacket

Safety Inspired | Optical Fiber Illumination | Revolutionary App Control | Eco-Friendly | Cool Design

Comfort Touch: Ultra Fast Invisible Heating Scarf

Revolutionary ultra soft, silk-like touch heating scarf, one click and heat up in 20 seconds

Wool Cross X - The World's First Merino Wool Sport Shoe

Explore the world in the most versatile shoe ever made. Eco-friendly | 100% Wool lined | Anti-odor | Cool in summer | Warm in winter

E1: Charge-free ANC Earbuds for Superior Audio Experience

Battery-free, charge-free Apple MFi lightning earbuds with active noise-cancelling technology offer a perfect sound experience.